ServiceNow Helps Lexmark Transform its IT Organization

Recently, ServiceNow had the opportunity to sit down with Lance Neal, program manager, IT Operational Excellence Program at Lexmark International. We discussed his company’s IT transformation and steps taken that will result in a more nimble and business oriented organization.

Lexmark International, Inc. is a global technology company specializing in connecting unstructured print and digital information across the enterprise. Lexmark selected ServiceNow software-as-a-service to consolidate over 10 disparate IT systems into a single system of record. In addition to having a standardized IT platform in place, Lexmark will also offer enterprise IT services through a centralized service catalog – a new offering that the company expects will generate efficiencies and improved customer experience.

So how does Lexmark ensure IT keeps pace with its business transformation efforts?

According to Neal, “As Lexmark continues to evolve its business, we must ensure the IT organization transforms itself and is prepared to manage the changes taking place across the company.

We must stay highly focused on this effort and this is really where the ServiceNow IT suite will help. ServiceNow brings a single system of record for IT which will enable us to automate services and make them broadly accessible.”

Introducing self-service to employees becomes a transformational milestone.

Providing a storefront, self-service experience for the over 12,000 global employees is a critical milestone for Lexmark’s IT transformation. A “consumerized” interface is based on the ServiceNow platform that will allow requests to be made by any employee without requiring extended email threads, phone calls or in-person interaction.

“By automating common tasks and providing self-service IT, we can free up our team resources to complete value-added work and focus on more strategic initiatives,” continued Neal.

Going global with standards leads to consistency and eases compliance.

Initially, Lexmark has selected the ServiceNow suite, using Incident, Problem, Change and Request management. Since these functions will no longer be spread over different systems, Lexmark will have an always-current understanding of its global workload, incidents, and current issues. The IT team can standardize practices on a global basis, respond more quickly to solve problems and direct change, and enable the organization to scale as needed. Lexmark has also chosen ServiceNow for its Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to centralize a record of infrastructure, ensuring accuracy in operations, driving consistency and compliance.

What’s next? Extending ServiceNow across additional applications.

Lexmark is currently reviewing other products in the ServiceNow platform as part of its Application Portfolio Rationalization effort that’s being led by Neal. The plan is to deploy ServiceNow to automate workflows as well as decommission non-strategic legacy systems in several areas including collaboration, departmental applications and enterprise-wide applications. Lexmark views ServiceNow as a key “pillar application” for IT and is excited to build upon it.

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