Putting the Relationship in Service Relationship Management

Have you ever planned a wedding or witnessed a couple going through the planning process? If so, you know how quickly things can get out of control–from managing guests, costs and tracking invitation responses, to building a website and creating a registry. For something that is supposed to be a joy, it can be tough experience. When I take a step back, however, it’s easy to draw a lot of parallels with challenges faced by organizations everyday.

What started out as a crazy idea, quickly (and easily) became a reality. Why not use ServiceNow to help me manage and automate some pieces of my wedding? Email was getting cumbersome and made it way too hard to keep everything straight. Using the App Creator and the ServiceNow platform functionality, I took my “ever-evolving” requirements and built a ServiceNow custom application to help me manage and automate the madness.

With my application, I can manage invited families, the number attendees per family, mailing addresses and food selections, plus keep track of received gifts (I’m sure that will come in handy later for thank you cards), and RSVP responses.

Why stop there? Leveraging the ServiceNow Content Management System functionality and the Survey Wizard, I built my mobile-ready wedding website and E-RSVP feature using only clicks, dragging and dropping the fields I needed in the format I wanted. The best part is that the whole thing works together; they are not separate applications, with separate data.

Now, I am notified whenever a new RSVP arrives, and can easily approve and update my attendee projections and table assignments without lifting a finger. Don’t believe me? Check out my video!

I wonder what else you can do on the platform? Maybe something marriage related… I don’t think I want my future wife submitting problems and changes!

Keyvan Berenjian

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