It’s a Custom App World After All

CreateThe ServiceNow annual global customer event, Knowledge14, is fast approaching and we’re seeing some great numbers.

We’ve previously announced that Knowledge will include 6000 attendees, 100 labs, and almost 200 breakout sessions – with over 90% of those sessions delivered by customers. And I’ve also blogged that custom apps are a popular session topic and the annual ServiceNow Innovation of the Year and Hackathon will again celebrate what our customers create on the platform.

But here are the real custom app stats

We’re just a few weeks out from the event and as we enter the final countdown, it’s become increasingly obvious that our customers really “get it” when it comes to the ServiceNow platform capabilities and custom app creation.

We now have over 23,000 seats in custom app focused sessions at Knowledge14: 3 pre-conference training sessions on custom apps seating 400 people. 31 hands-on lab sessions on custom apps seating 6,453 people. 66 breakout sessions on custom apps seating 16,308 people.

But this is just the supply-side view of customer app-related sessions. Our customers are also creating some great custom app content to share at Knowledge.

ServiceNow Innovation of the Year

This year we’ve received more Innovation of the Year submissions than ever before, over 50, with entries from many of the world’s leading companies sharing how they are using ServiceNow, both inside and outside IT across the enterprise. Entry is now closed for this year’s competition but you could always start creating, or thinking about submitting for next year.

Out of all the inspiring submissions we received, we selected the following finalists:

Autodesk – Phone Number Provisioning
Barclays – Major Incident Collaboration
Eli Lilly – Learning Administration Request System
ProHealth Care – Medical Device Management
Plat4mation – Facility Management System
Verisign – Asset iOS Consoles

The winner will be voted for live during the Wednesday, April 30th keynote at Knowledge14 – you won’t want to miss it. You can also read more about the 2014 finalists here.

CreateNow Hackathon  

The CreateNow Hackathon has exploded after the success of the inaugural Hackathon last year. In late 2013, we ran the NowForum CreateNow Hackathons in Europe and customers have run their own internal hackathons. For this year’s Knowledge we already have more than six times the participants and we expect quite a few more as people firm up their attendance, travel plans, and session schedules.

The hackathon is a great opportunity for experienced and inexperienced developers alike to get creative, and build an app – from scratch – in just eight hours. Even if you’ve never built an application in your life, the CreateNow Hackathon is an opportunity to see how easy it is to create an app, a game, a utility, or anything at all – on the ServiceNow platform.

You can learn more about the CreateNow Hackathon here.

And there’s more

You can explore an interactive gallery of customer-built applications, and tell us about your apps in the App Central zone of the ServiceNow Pavilion. You will also get a chance to see the Innovation of the Year and CreateNow Hackathon finalists, up close and personal, in the Customer Application Showcase at the front of the ExpoNow hall.

And last, but definitely not least, you will hear a LOT more about ServiceNow Share, the ability for ServiceNow customers and partners to discover and share apps and other content written by members of the ServiceNow community. You’ll be able to quickly find and download apps, app extensions, dashboards, and other types of content. You’ll never need to create an application from scratch again.

So, if you’ve ever had any doubts about the importance of custom apps to our customers, wonder no more. Knowledge14 will show you the past, present, and future of customer app creation with ServiceNow.

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