CIO Perspective: Leading Massive IT Change

A Video Interview with Barry Libenson, Senior Vice President and CIO of Safeway Inc.

While most enterprises face constant IT change, none can be more daunting than the merger of two large companies of similar size. Combining the systems of two well-established entities with the goal of seamless operation and minimal disruption is staggering, if not nearly impossible. Systems for finance, logistics, customer data and rewards, employees and more have to be unified to ensure that the new business operates as expected from the moment the merger completes.

Barry Libenson is leading this effort for Safeway. Key to his strategy is having complete visibility of systems and applications. Utilizing a single system of record and service automation, he discusses how to manage change and improve efficiency.

Mr. Libenson reflects on how he led significant change first at Land O’ Lakes and now at Safeway as it prepares for the merger with Albertsons.

“The whole idea behind implementing ServiceNow was to better track what was going on inside the application portfolio across all the different lines of business that we had, so we could determine where we need to make investments. And it paid off huge.”

See how gaining visibility and understanding of a broad array of systems and applications eases the complexity of a massive merger between two large enterprises.

Watch the condensed executive interview:



Watch the complete interview on theCUBE.

Read Mr. Libenson’s interview about his Land O’ Lakes experience in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal.

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