Secure-24: Consolidating Services in the Cloud

Secure 24Outstanding customer experiences are created first within the service organization. You can’t deliver exceptional services to your customers when your internal workflows aren’t optimized or transparent.

From this standpoint, there are many obvious benefits from moving to a cloud-based SaaS model, but one of the pitfalls can be reduced visibility or inter-connection when multiple solutions have been sourced, and especially across many different vendors. I guess there can be too much of a good thing!

The solution is to really understand the underlying challenges your organization is working to solve. Have core business processes become overly burdensome due to the individual complexities of managing each application? And, of course, there’s the fun of trying to determine which ‘throat to choke’ when issues arise within or across different vendor applications …

Many times, consolidating applications onto a single system of record is just the ticket to more effective, scalable and manageable service delivery within IT, as well as across the organization.

Case in point: Secure-24, a global provider of managed IT operations, hosting and cloud services, is intensely focused on providing the best innovation and value to its clients. Secure-24’s clients require speedy delivery of IT services that can be highly customized, but the organization wasn’t hitting its highest potential due to limitations brought about by managing four separate cloud-based applications.

To better support its operational needs, Secure-24 made the decision to replace several disparate applications and consolidate a number of service management functions onto ServiceNow.

According to Caleb Mitchell, vice president of quality and process integrations for Secure-24, “We have a strong focus on continuous improvement to deliver the best IT solutions for our clients. By moving to ServiceNow as a single system of record, our technical teams can deliver even faster service through the synergy of process integrations and drive increased operational efficiencies.”

Secure-24 has automated IT and business service delivery in the following ways:

  • Customer Relationship Management: The marketing team manages sales campaigns by tracking throughput, lead generation and qualification across the entire customer lifecycle completely through ServiceNow.
  • Project Management Systems: The team utilizes an application they developed on ServiceNow to automate the workflow to procure IT support and resources for newly signed customers.
  • Human Resources: Processes such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding are now automated using a custom-built ServiceNow application. The HR team also manages a self-service employee portal that is customized based on roles (such as engineering or accounting) to speed time-to-productivity for new employees.
  • IT Governance, Compliance and Auditing: Secure-24 is utilizing ServiceNow GRC application to provide objective evidence to support internal audits as well as those required by its clients in regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and finance. The team has also developed a custom application built on the ServiceNow platform that they’ve branded “ServiceNow Knowledge Check” to validate that its employees comply with its quality management system requirements.

With the consolidation of these services complete, Secure-24 is continuing to expand its use of the platform as part of its core business. Most recently, the company now provides a set of managed service offerings to customers based on ServiceNow.

So are there opportunities to consolidate applications across the various business teams you may be managing onto a single system of record?

More information on Secure-24’s ServiceNow implementation can be found in the press announcement.

Chris Pope
As ServiceNow’s global VP of Innovation, Chris brings more than 15 years of C-level executive experience with leading technology solutions and platforms across Product Management and Strategy. Chris also has the rare, added-value, experience of having been a ServiceNow customer multiple times so he understands the client and the vendor perspectives on business transformation. Chris’ proven track record working at and with the largest organisations globally, has seen him recognised as a thought leader in process and methodology. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from De Montfort University in the UK, and is a well-published author and contributor to many leading digital publications and blogs.

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