The Future is Self-Service in the Enterprise

About 100 years ago shopping meant handing your grocery list to a store employee to pull your selections off the shelf.  Now it means ordering online with a few clicks.
At the core of that transformation is our desire for self-service: getting faster access to fulfill or solve our own requests and questions. This do-it-yourself trend is transforming the way we live and work, becoming a “must have” in most companies.

AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical, is a great example of moving to self-service and a consumer-like experience to empower employees to get the help they need faster than ever.

As we announced today, not only is AstraZeneca using ServiceNow to consolidate its global IT service management capability, it is also extending this service model into other important parts of the business such as finance, and soon, facilities.

AstraZeneca’s more than 50,000 employees can enjoy a consumer-like experience, where requesting a service is as quick and easy as buying a new book from Amazon. Best of all, from project kickoff to deployment, the transformation was achieved in only four months.

AstraZeneca’s CIO Dave Smoley said with ServiceNow his IT team can drive a self-service model for faster and easier interactions with IT online which, “…enables the team to be more flexible and responsive,” confirmed Smoley.

We’re seeing a larger global trend towards consumerization and self-service to free employees across a number of departments from repetitive tasks that add little value.

Some examples of companies that are successfully incorporating this consumerization approach include:

  • Vitamix, the blending equipment manufacturer, helped hiring managers leverage the self-service portal to request equipment for new hires and initiate other key processes.  A knowledge base of how-to articles gives new employees faster access to resources they need such as how to use their computers, reserve conference rooms, request time off and reset their passwords.
  • At Einstein Noah, thousands of workers use the self-service portal (visual below) that runs on the ServiceNow platform. End users in the corporate office and the hundreds of stores in this restaurant chain can tap self-service for IT, HR and risk management.
Chris Pope
As ServiceNow’s global VP of Innovation, Chris brings more than 15 years of C-level executive experience with leading technology solutions and platforms across Product Management and Strategy. Chris also has the rare, added-value, experience of having been a ServiceNow customer multiple times so he understands the client and the vendor perspectives on business transformation. Chris’ proven track record working at and with the largest organisations globally, has seen him recognised as a thought leader in process and methodology. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from De Montfort University in the UK, and is a well-published author and contributor to many leading digital publications and blogs.

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