Systems of Engagement and the CIO as Enabler

A video interview with noted author, speaker and advisor, Geoffrey Moore. 

The IT world is re-inventing itself. For a CIO, the imperative is to lead IT to become the backbone of the modern enterprise. Geoffrey Moore calls this shift moving from systems of record to systems of engagement.

In the past, the business of IT was very difficult and largely manual – managing systems and processes – and the majority of IT staff were technical people. Moore references upwards of 90% of IT were tasked with managing the technology. The on-premise “stacks” of yesterday are being compressed and replaced by cloud services. As Moore puts it, IT focus is shifting from information about the business in the back office to now re-engineering the dynamics of the business.

“For the CIO…this is a different vision. How do they map from the old way of thinking about [IT] as an internal productivity facility to a new way of viewing this as an enterprise enablement platform. And that’s a big move,” explains Moore.

So what are among the top considerations for CIOs tackling this transformation? Moore provides the following strategies during a recent interview at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 14 conference:

  • Have a service-oriented mindset across the enterprise. Consolidate systems of record around anchor platforms.
  • Cloud services are changing the economics of IT.
  • It’s now about engaging, as employees interact with technology in a more emotional way.
  • Effective management of IT talent amidst this transformation. The next generation of IT employee has a completely different way of thinking about how services should be delivered.

Watch the condensed interview:



Watch the complete interview on theCUBE.

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