CIO Perspective: “Elevating the Work of IT”

A video interview with Atticus Tysen, Senior Vice President and CIO, Intuit

Atticus Tysen made the surprising jump from executive roles in product management, product development and engineering to becoming the CIO at Intuit. Why? Tysen had a vision and passion for changing the way IT works and wanted to be part of the solution rather than bemoaning the problem.

Tysen, a speaker and participant in the invitation-only CIO Decisions forum at the ServiceNow Knowledge conference, took a few minutes to share his insights.

It’s about “…how we engage with lines of business to enable growth,” says Tysen. “It’s less about cost savings and what we used to do.”

In the interview, Tysen also reflects on:

  • How IT enables people and departments to do more
  • How to provide great end-to-end customer experience
  • How IT needs to integrate with every part of the business, including its products

Watch the highlights from an executive interview video:


Watch theCUBE to see the complete interview.

Also watch the CIO Perspective interview with Barry Liebensen, Sr. Vice President and CIO of Safeway on “Leading Massive IT Change.”

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