The CIO: Dismantle the Iceberg

A video interview with Martha Heller, Author and President, Heller Search Associates

CIOs are caught between a need and desire to operate as futurists and the pressing reality of being an archivist due to the weight and complexity of keeping the lights on. Key to tipping the scales is dismantling the CIO Iceberg that locks IT into a reactive, near-flood-state mode.

Martha Heller, a speaker and participant in the invitation-only CIO Decisions forum at the ServiceNow Knowledge conference, took a few minutes to share her insights from the discussions and her book, The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership.

One of the first things Heller hears when talking to a CIO brand new in his or her role is “I inherited a mess.” Problems typically include IT being over-budget, lack of credibility for IT, no IT strategy, broken sourcing models and more. While most CIOs have ambitious plans to bring about change, few are successful.

Heller describes a contradiction of IT leadership with the conflicting roles of executives as futurists and archivists and how dismantling the Iceberg is the key to success. While IT is inherently future-focused, they are fully encumbered in the past. IT is one of the few organizations that has to drag behind the past. Heller talks frankly about dismantling the Iceberg.

Watch the highlights from an executive interview video:


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Watch theCUBE to see the complete interview.

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