Quick Introduction of Services Stimulates Demand from Shared Services

80-20How Vantiv Uses Frequent Release Strategy to Drive Continuous Improvement Of Service

Time and time again, once the notion of a service model catches on within an enterprise, the demand spreads like wildfire. One question that many ServiceNow customers have faced is when to expose service automation to the broader company—wait until everything is fully built out, or make a taste of it available sooner and elevate a company-wide movement to embrace services as a strategic initiative.

Mat Barter, Tool Support Manager, Vantiv, knows that the ServiceNow platform enables an endless array of possibilities for service automation and creating extended value across the enterprise. At the same time, there are practical limits of how much time can be devoted to each new service. His philosophy is to get the users to a better place, faster.  Identify the minimum viable product, build to those requirements and go live with it sooner rather than later. Even basic capabilities can be delivered in good working order and then perfected over time.

“For us it was an 80/20 rule,” says Barter. “We got 80 percent of the way initially and then perfected the remaining 20 percent over time. We were able to launch and go live, knowing that we could quickly respond to anything that might be missing.”

The great advantage Vantiv experienced in introducing a new capability was quickly capturing users’ imaginations with what can be accomplished and gaining early acceptance. This approach led to fast-paced innovation and a rapid proliferation of ServiceNow capabilities.

“We are getting immediate feedback, and customers are getting immediate benefit of it,” says Barter. “We push out quickly, follow up, make corrections, push again, make corrections, push again, and so forth.”

“We feel we are making a huge impact,” Barter says. “I like when people ask if we can do this, and the first answer is yes. That’s pretty empowering for a team to know that they’ve got the right tools in their toolbox to do the job every day and not feel like their hands are being tied.”

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