IT Fitness Without the Treadmill

A video interview with Mike Carraway, Senior IT Director, Red Hat

Most enterprise IT organizations know the strain of just keeping things running. The “treadmill” of everyday problems, changes and requests can keep an organization focused mostly on status quo. Red Hat knows that IT can be a great catalyst of change.

In a frank interview on the Cube, Mike Carraway, Red Hat Senior IT Director, talks about creating IT vitality and driving change. He describes getting rid of “soul crushing” IT processes that “suck the life” out of organizations.

Crushed by boxes



Service management puts an end to “soul crushing” business processes that are repetitive, awkward and highly time consuming.



Red Hat developed the vision early for IT-led service management that dramatically changes how work gets done in the enterprise.

What was instrumental in making the transformation? Watch the interview:


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Watch the complete Cube interview, and for even greater insight and detail, watch an on-demand webinar with Carraway and two other Red Hat IT professionals on how IT can stop playing defensively and end the “Pac Man Problem.”

Share your experience. Have you seen service management replace a soul crushing process and change the way a person or group works? Let us know the details.

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