Escaping the Endless Flow of Email to Get Real Work Done

Most organizations struggle to manage services because there isn’t a defined process to request work to be performed by people. So, we send untraceable emails, emails that contain spreadsheets that need to be updated and emails that have no priority and no measurement. With this lack of viability most of us spend too much time just keeping the lights on rather than driving strategic results.

Escape the Endless Flow of Email:


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Is this what “getting work done” looks like at your enterprise? Unstructured, chaotic, and unmeasurable?

Is this inevitable?

Our CEO Frank Slootman doesn’t think so. He recently explained how businesses can get their rote work done in a better, faster way:

E-mail has become sort of the universal go-to because we don’t have structured processes and workflows to do this sort of thing. That’s really the big change, where we’re going away from unstructured message-based communications to structured workflow approaches that make everybody look at the same data in a very structured, transparent fashion. There’s no longer any need to send emails because the information will be right in front of your nose.

To help get work out of email, ServiceNow today announced new cloud solutions that help organizations automate marketing, legal, financial and other services.  Customers can use service management to define, structure and automate any request such as asking for collateral from marketing, contract review from legal or purchase orders from finance.

Look at how these ServiceNow customers are escaping the endless flow of emails:

  • 25 teams at logistics provider CH Robinson replaced email inboxes, distribution lists and spreadsheets with automation from ServiceNow.
  • Tens of thousands of emails, which arrived at a single shared inbox, were moved into a service automation solution for NetApp’s quote-to-invoice team to speed their sales process.
  • Complex HR tasks, such as employee off-boarding, that were managed via email, now can be tracked, reported on and audited by Envision Heathcare’s HR team.

By moving away from email and spreadsheets to automated workflows, organizations can gain these benefits:

  • Visibility — When we have data on our business services, we can see what we do as an organization for the first time, and thereby we can improve them. We know how many requests we get in any specific area, when we get them, and how well we do in responding.
  • Accountability –At any given time, we know what the status is, like tracking a package.  We know who is assigned to handle and if there are bottlenecks.
  • Scalability — Each department needs to do more every year. When you have a workflow process in place, adding the new demands from growing the business, an acquisition or a new venture is more manageable.

Service management delivers organizations a massive shift in efficiency. Instead of just keeping the lights on, organizations can focus on generating many more bright ideas.

Check out our news today to see how we’re helping organizations unlock the value of service management across the enterprise.

Get Real Work Done:


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To help get work out of email, ServiceNow today announced new cloud solutions that help organizations automate marketing, legal, financial and other services.

Dave Wright
Dave Wright joined in December 2011 and currently serves as ServiceNow’s Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to joining ServiceNow, Wright spent over six years with VMware, Inc. as Vice President of Technical Services for EMEA. From 2003 to 2005 Wright headed up the technical division for Northern and Southern Europe at Mercury Interactive. Prior to that he spent six years at Peregrine Systems, Inc., where he held a variety of senior technical and marketing positions. Wright has also worked for Boole & Babbage, Inc. and Candle Services (later acquired by IBM).

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