Three Ways Cloud Helps SMBs Escape the IT Treadmill

Spending at small and mid-sized businesses on IT is expected to grow faster in the next five years than at the overall market, according to a Gartner report.

This is putting a lot of strain on those mid market IT groups who have historically relied on email, spreadsheets and homegrown solutions to manage all of their work.  It’s common that these folks are expected to be a “jack-of-all-trades” to their businesses, and unfortunately, some are exhausted just trying to run in place.


Although SMBs have different pain points than the Fortune 500, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from large companies that have been transforming their IT operations for years.  With the continued expansion of cloud offerings, taking the leap into IT Service Management is now within grasp of most SMBs.

Luckily, SMBs are no stranger to cloud computing for automating business tasks. These firms already drive more than half of global cloud consumption, according to IDC. SMBs recognize the benefits of using more agile, lower cost, cloud applications.

Here are three steps that SMB IT leaders and teams can take to help more effectively grow their business with cloud-based service management:

  • Move out of email and spreadsheets and automate the workflow. Personal productivity tools are no way to run an IT organization!  Without visibility into IT requests and incidents, IT teams struggle to prioritize and assign work to the right expert, resolve bottlenecks and provide timely responses to employees.  From my experience, just the act of quickly getting incident management running is a big win that can drive up to a 20 percent improvement in the time it takes to resolve open issues.
  • Track all of your IT assets — A single system of record is critical to understanding what assets you have, where they are located, and who has access to them.  Connecting assets to incidents, requests, problems, changes, etc., makes IT’s work more informed and efficient.  It also gives you the power of knowledge to better advise the business.
  • If you can’t report on it, it doesn’t really matter – How many times has your boss asked for visibility into the work being done in IT?  Whenever you are rolling out an IT Service Management process, you have to know what you want to measure.  If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.  Plus, your boss will just assume you don’t know, which is never a good thing.

Small yet powerful IT teams can get off the treadmill and escape the fire drills of everyday tasks. Cloud-based Service Management can manage, track, and measure these tasks quickly and consistently.  This is the next big step in going from reactive firefighter to active paratrooper, focusing on more strategic activities such as driving growth and revenue opportunities for the business.

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Matt Schvimmer

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