The Service Revolution is Happening Now

Getting things done in our personal lives with online consumer services has never been easier. So why does it seem that we’re treading water at work?

The simple answer is that we cannot get away from using email – a tool that hasn’t been revolutionary in 20 years – to manage processes. At work, manually pushing services forward with email wastes extra cycles and causes employees to chase their tails.

Let us be clear, email is not the enemy. If you dig deeper you’ll see that enterprise services lag far behind consumer ones mostly because the services themselves are ad-hoc. Using email is actually a symptom of a broken process. Not to mention that it kills corporate productivity.

Without a service management discipline, automation can’t transform workplace services.

To close this gap, firms are standardizing and automating work processes at a rapid clip. Look at HR onboarding, cloud services, customer service, security operations and even the Internet of Things. We see entire enterprises transforming into a collection of integrated services.

This is the path that ServiceNow has been blazing: To change the way people work. That’s the energy fueling our Knowledge event this week. Now in its 10th year, Knowledge16 is expected to attract more than 11,000 attendees coming from every corner of the enterprise.

The service revolution is happening now. It’s redefining how we engage with each other and everything around us. The way we work is becoming less about reacting to the next inbox message and more about the user experience. And it is all fueled by a common service model — delivered in the cloud.

Find out more this week by streaming the Knowledge16 keynotes live. See you in Vegas.
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