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It’s been an incredible first day at Knowledge16. We’ve made enormous strides over the last 10 years, growing from 150 attendees back then to more than 10,000 this year. Along the way, we’ve created a service revolution. The next 10 years are going to be just as electrifying, as we continue to transform the service experience, increase business velocity, and drive down cost and risk.

We at ServiceNow hope you’re excited by what you saw today. Together, we have an enormous opportunity, as service management becomes the third estate between CRM and ERP. We’re leaving behind emails and spreadsheets, and entering a world where everything just works in the same way it does in the consumer world – with services that are automated, integrated and cloudified.

Service Management

IT Connects the Enterprise

As Frank Slootman, ServiceNow President and CEO, said today during the keynote address, IT isn’t a department. It’s the backbone of the enterprise – and that’s incredibly exciting. IT now permeates everything from human resources and facilities through to marketing and manufacturing. Nearly every business function delivers services – and every service needs a service model.

By building an enterprise-wide service integration layer, IT automatically connects employees with the services they need – whether these are internal or brokered from suppliers. ServiceNow’s Enterprise Cloud delivers this Service Integration and Management, providing a place where services and other clouds just plug in.

Big Trends, Big Opportunities

Frank also talked about two key trends shaping the future of enterprise service management. The first is the Internet of Things, which will deliver incredible new capabilities and insights. Everything from wearables to industrial equipment is going to be smart, creating a huge flow of high-value information. More and more, these smart devices will be mission-critical – they will need be kept secure and operational, just like we do with IT today. This needs a service model – and, as we saw today, ServiceNow has already had amazing success in this area with companies such as GE and Agfa.

Customer service management is another huge trend, driven by the convergence of service management and CRM. Today, CRM systems let companies engage customers – but that isn’t enough. Customer service isn’t just about what you say – it’s about what you do. To deliver a complete service experience, companies need to manage the processes that actually deliver what customers need. That’s what service management does. Mitch Kenfield and Rajiv Hahajan spoke about this today as they described how Fiserv uses ServiceNow to manage its customer-facing products and services.

Service Management and Beyond

Today, you’ve seen some of the exciting new things we’re doing to make service management even easier and more powerful. We’re also making big moves beyond service management. We’re investing in areas that complement service management, creating huge opportunities for ServiceNow and its customers. We’ve already built enormous momentum with our IT operations management, as well as our business management and predictive analytics. Going forward, we’re making a strong commitment to customer service management and security management, part of a plan to propel ServiceNow to $4 billion in revenues by 2020.

2016 State of Work Survey

Finally, we released our 2016 State of Work Survey today. We all know the importance of consumerization and automation, and this survey delivers further ammunition to back this up. It shows the vast gap that still exists between enterprise services and consumer services such as Amazon, eBay and Uber. For example, only 3 in 10 managers use a web portal or mobile app to access enterprise services – the rest rely on emails, phone calls and personal visits.

The consequences are disturbing but sadly predictable. Only 2 in 10 managers say that manual enterprise services are delivered quickly, compared to 6 in 10 for consumer services. And, only 4 in 10 say they are easy to order, as opposed to 8 in 10 for consumer services. Add in the fact that managers waste 15 hours every week on routine administrative work, and the importance of the service revolution is clearer than ever. Read the full report here.

State of Work 1

Tomorrow, Dan McGee will show you how to drive the Service Revolution. He’ll talk about why ServiceNow is the first and only enterprise software platform, and take you through a journey that showcases the power of the Enterprise Cloud Company. Sign up to stream the live keynote here.

See you at the conference tomorrow!

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