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Today is Day 2 at Knowledge16, and there is a tremendous buzz in the air. We’re continuing to build momentum together as we make the service revolution a reality.

In this morning’s general session, ServiceNow COO Dan McGee talked about driving the service revolution. How can we make work intuitive, connected, predictable and efficient? How do we create a world where everyone works together in an environment that is secure, scalable and available anywhere, anytime?

One thing is certain. Most businesses aren’t connected today. They’re struggling with hundreds of disconnected applications, each in its own silo. While applications from one vendor may work together, enterprises still end up with a massively heterogeneous environment. This results in an incredibly disjointed user experience, drives up costs, and creates enormous security headaches.


Creating the Connected Experience

To really change the way that people work, enterprises need to break down these silos, creating an environment with structured workflows and communications. At ServiceNow, we call this the Connected Experience. A common platform isn’t enough – the experience must be intuitive, information needs to flow seamlessly, and everything has to be tracked.

That’s what ServiceNow does. Our end-to-end workflows and visual task boards make work predictable, efficient and manageable – creating a “push” environment that automatically delivers notifications when you need them, rather than requiring you to chase information down. Our Connect technology instantly connects people together, and our native mobile app lets them engage from wherever they are. And, our single system of record and on-platform predictive analytics deliver the integrated information and insights needed to drive accurate work and continuous improvement.

Better Together

ServiceNow is breaking down barriers by creating capabilities that work better together. One key example is IT Service Management and IT Operations Management. By bringing these together on a single platform, we’ve created unique synergies that let IT teams resolve service issues more quickly than ever before. And we’ve extended this to the cloud, managing virtualized infrastructure from vendors such as Microsoft and Amazon. In fact, today we announced a key partnership with Microsoft Azure.

We’re also bringing together security and IT – two areas that are poorly connected today. For example, when there’s a security issue, security often has to phone IT to ask them to make a change – instead of simply generating a change request. And, since security doesn’t know what’s in IT’s CMDB, there no common language – leading to mistakes and communication breakdowns. With ServiceNow, security and IT can now work together, giving both teams visibility and business context around the services they need to secure.

Customer Service Management

Today we’ve also unveiled a new application that transforms the way organizations manage customer service. Frank spoke about this yesterday and Dan did today – and it’s another perfect example of better together. Historically, CRM systems have been about customer engagement, but customers are telling us that they need more. Customer engagement doesn’t stand alone – it must be linked to backend processes that actually deliver what customers want. ServiceNow Customer Service Management does just that, providing a complete platform that engages customers and delivers underpinning services that span the entire organization.


A Single System of Engagement

As you’ve seen at Knowledge16, ServiceNow is continuing to invest heavily in applications aligned with our core competencies. Customer Service Management and Security are two examples. We’re also making huge strides empowering application vendors through the ServiceNow Store.

However, it’s not realistic to ask enterprises to replace all of their existing systems. Many of these systems do their jobs very well, providing a single system of record in their area of expertise.

On the other hand, there has to be a single, consistent way of delivering services. That’s what Dan meant when he spoke today about a single system of engagement. ServiceNow provides that consistent user experience across the enterprise, integrating with backend HCM, ERP and other systems of record to deliver a connected frontend user experience – no matter what the service.

Enterprise-Class Cloud

Finally, Dan talked today about how ServiceNow is a true enterprise-class cloud. That’s incredibly important – if a big part of your business runs in a single cloud, you need to make sure that cloud is secure, scalable and always on. At ServiceNow, we’ve understood that from the beginning and have made it a top priority. Our multi-instance cloud architecture and paired data centers deliver unmatched reliability and scalability – which is why ServiceNow customers can make nearly 8.5 billion successful transactions each month. Couple that with our laser focus on security, and you’ll see why ServiceNow is called the Enterprise Cloud Company.

See you tomorrow morning for Fred Luddy and Pat Casey’s CreatorCon address. If you’re not onsite at Knowledge16, stream the keynote live here.

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