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Knowledge16 is into its final day, and it’s been the largest Knowledge event ever. With more than 10,000 attendees – and another 2,000+ at CreatorCon – it’s apparent just how far the service revolution has come. Over these three days, we’ve had an incredible 212 breakout sessions, 90% delivered by you, our customers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – our customers are so passionate and so many wanted to share what they’ve been able to achieve with ServiceNow, we only wish the agenda allowed us to pack in more sessions.

As we look back over these three days, we can’t help but be struck by the extraordinary progress on the development front. We’ve already had more than 100 application development sessions throughout the main Knowledge16 conference – and there are another 51 sessions at CreatorCon today and tomorrow. This is only our second CreatorCon, but thanks to our customers, it’s already turned into a major developer event.

We Want You

Let’s be clear. We want our customers and partners to develop extraordinary apps on the ServiceNow platform. It’s how we enable the service revolution together. ServiceNow was founded on the premise that, given the right tools, we could empower organizations to develop high-value business applications that transform the way we work. That revolution is underway. Already, there are a staggering 35,692 active ServiceNow developers in the Developer Program with 9,766 instances running.

That momentum continues to build.

The Future of the Service Revolution

Meanwhile, we’ve expanded our focus – and the platform’s appeal – from no-code developers to low-code developers, and all the way to professional developers. This expanded development focus is incredibly important for the future of the service revolution. Our vision is clear – ServiceNow aims to be the platform of choice for any application, no matter how complex or simple. By enabling professional developers, ServiceNow is broadening the revolution to address the most demanding enterprise needs. Regardless of what type of development you want to do, the ServiceNow platform enables you to build apps fast and deliver a delightful, consumer-simple experience for users.

Professional Development Tools

If you visited our new Developer Hub this year, you’ll have seen the enormous strides we’ve made in the professional development experience. We’ve created a familiar environment for professional developers and made creating applications on the ServiceNow platform more efficient and effective than ever before. These cool new tools put power and flexibility in the hands of professional developers, while letting them take full advantage of ServiceNow’s immense platform capabilities. And, rest assured, we remain committed to building tools on our platform that developers will love.

Delegated Development

At the same time, we’ve seen huge growth at the other end of the developer spectrum. We’ve made enormous progress in no-code development, adding new workflow capabilities, dynamic forms, notifications, approvals and other features over the last several releases.

As we talk to our customers’ IT organizations, they are almost universally enthusiastic about empowering developers in other functions throughout the enterprise. They see it as a way to put power in the hands of their business users, to reduce overwhelming application backlogs, and to free resources to focus on becoming a more strategic service provider. However, they have also told us that they are concerned about maintaining control – giving full platform access to developers outside IT creates security and operational risks. Some say it’s like giving the car keys to a driver when they only have a learner’s permit.

That’s why we have introduced Delegated Development. With Delegated Development, developers throughout the enterprise can create ServiceNow applications without needing admin privileges. Now, human resources, facilities, legal, marketing and other departments can develop their own apps without any risk they will break other apps on the same ServiceNow instance. It’s an enormous win-win – business users can now create the apps they need, while IT can sleep at night knowing they have a secure, properly governed application platform environment. Delegated Development is a way to unleash – safely and securely – app innovation throughout the organization.


Again, we’d like to thank all of you who joined us for Knowledge16. Together, we really are driving a service revolution – and the future looks brighter than ever. If you’re leaving us today, we wish you safe travels to wherever home may be. If you’re staying on for the rest of CreatorCon, then enjoy the opportunity to meet thousands of developers like yourself who truly are enabling the revolution.

See you next year: Knowledge17 will be held May 7-12, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida! Sign up to receive updates here.

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