Balancing High-Touch with Self-Service in HR

HR professionals are trying to figure out how to balance self service and high touch support, and many still believe that providing a high touch experience to their employees is critical.  But like the Starbucks example mentioned in my previous blog, employees today do not necessarily want to interact with HR for everything.  Some just want to know what their company’s tuition reimbursement policy is and be able to submit a course for approval without having to speak with anyone.

Understanding this dynamic is at the core of one of HR’s biggest challenges – when do employees expect to speak with HR and when do they just want to get something taken care of independently? How can HR deliver high quality, high touch support when it really matters?

Most organizations have invested heavily in HR technology only to find that they still spend much of their time answering the same questions over and over again and managing employee interactions via email and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this is not the modern ‘high-touch’ experience anyone wants or expects.

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HR is faced with the decision to maintain the status quo and risk losing in the war for talent, or upgrading their HR service delivery to meet the expectations of their employees. HR teams need to get smart about understanding employee expectations when it comes to service delivery.  The idea that a company is going to differentiate itself from others by providing a high touch employee experience all the time is a concept that no longer resonates.  In fact, it can actually be detrimental to an organization’s bottom line.

Service management is a discipline that allows HR to replace email and spreadsheets with automated workflows and a modern work environment for both the end user employee as well as HR.  Service management connects the employee with HR in a brand new way that allows the employee to manage their basic needs while also enabling HR to provide high touch support when it really matters.

So, when applying the principles of service management, what does great HR service look like?  It’s service that allows employees to be more productive and innovative in their jobs and spend less time chasing answers.  It’s service that is user friendly and always accessible.  It’s service that takes advantage of automated workflows to reduce the administrative burden on HR.  It’s modern, engaging and accurate. Watch this on-demand webinarThree Steps to Boost Productivity and Deliver an Exceptional Employee Experience, and get started on your transformation journey.

Jen Stroud
Jen Stroud is passionate about inspiring HR leaders to transform the employee experience and how work gets done in HR. She comes to ServiceNow from TeleTech where she spent the past 10 years in HR and most recently was the Executive Director of Human Capital Services. In this role, Jen led an enterprise HR transformation initiative, transitioning the company from a decentralized HR support model to a Shared Services operating model.

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