General Mills Extends Consumer Experience to its Employees

Pam Velcheck, HR Shared Services Operation Manager at General Mills recently joined a panel of customers at ServiceNow’s HR Summit in Minneapolis. As part of a multi-city event series, these free one day events bring together HR practitioners and thought leaders to discuss and share best practices around HR service delivery.

Pam has over a decade of proven experience overseeing all aspects of HR share services. In her current role, Pam provides leadership to a large team and manages multi-year, strategic roadmaps to support service excellence and broader business initiatives. Currently, Pam is leading a Global Service Delivery project that will transform and expand General Mills’ HR services.

I was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with her to learn more about General Mills ambitious HR transformation journey.

Mike: Thank you taking the time to chat Pam. Can you tell us about the role ServiceNow is playing in your ambitious HR transformation journey?

Pam: We realized we needed to upgrade our technology, but we also knew that was not going to be enough. In addition to moving our Core HR system of record from an on premise SAP system to Workday, we also needed to transform how we worked. We have 40,000 employees across 30 countries and no consistent experience when it comes to providing HR services.

We decided to move to a global HR shared services model. But, without a way to manage the interactions with our employees, we could not effectively scale and would continue to lack visibility into the volume and types of employee enquires we were receiving. We literally have to count emails in our inboxes or go by gut feel to know what the top issues our employees need help with. This, plus the ability to setup a branded HR portal to enable employee self-reliance is where ServiceNow is going to be critical in our transformation.


Mike: You mentioned inconsistencies in the current employee service experience. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying achieve?

Pam: We want to provide a consumer-grade experience for all our employees. They shouldn’t have to worry, or even know about the back end systems we use. We want their experience to be as seamless and easy as shopping on Amazon. They should be able to quickly and easily interact with HR to get the services they need, regardless of who or where they are. Our goal is to provide a consistent employee service experience whether they are a remote production employee or an executive at headquarters.


Mike: Why did you choose ServiceNow?

Pam: We went through a full RFP process, but in the end, ServiceNow was the clear choice. We really like the out-of-the-box metrics. They will give us insight into the types services our employees are enquiring about the most, allowing us to more proactively address those issues. ServiceNow’s partnership and bi-directional integration with Workday was also a huge plus.

Mike: What’s your timeline to have everything up and running?

Pam: We are taking a big bang approach and plan to go live with Workday and ServiceNow in October next year.

Mike: Thanks Pam. Hopefully we can chat again after the go-live.

Pam: I’d be happy to.

Learn more about how ServiceNow and Workday are a winning combination:

Mike Vilimek
Mike Vilimek is the Director, Product Marketing for the HR Product Line at ServiceNow. Mike is responsible for global positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies for the ServiceNow HR Service Management product. Mike believes in making the workplace a more modern and productive place through the use of the latest cloud technologies. Prior to joining ServiceNow, he was the Director, Global Go-to-Market for Oracle HCM Cloud.

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