Increase Customer Loyalty By Personalizing Service With ServiceNow Communities

Today ServiceNow announces the launch of ServiceNow Communities, a major new application in the Customer Service Management solution.  Communities are key to driving loyalty and to fulfilling the increasing desire of customers for self-service channels.  ServiceNow Communities provides a personalized experience for customers to get trusted advice from peers and experts while providing insight to companies into product use and customer needs.  ServiceNow Communities includes:

Real-time Personalized Customer Experience

Greet every user with a personalized experience including forums they have subscribed to, people they chose to follow, and updates focused on topics of interest.  Users can subscribe for updates on content of interest to them and can control their profile information, including interests and contributions, to share with other members of the community.

A personalized experience is delivered through the integration of Communities with the ServiceNow Customer Service Portal and ServiceNow Knowledge Management. Customers can see or edit their profile details, cases, products, services, and notifications in the same place where they can engage in the community.

Seamless Contextual Knowledge, Search, and Filtering To Get Help Quickly

Customers can get information or answers faster with a single consolidated search that works across ServiceNow Knowledge Management and Communities.  Members can filter by date, relevance, type, author, and more in search results.

Customer Insights to Identify Trends and Opportunities

 Companies gain insight into customer behavior, needs, product and service usage, as well as issues.  Companies can automatically invite and onboard customers to new services with ServiceNow Communities and automation.

Topics, Forums, and Feedback

Areas of interest can be defined and shared among forums where users drive discussions.  Users can engage with others and reply, comment, upvote, mark helpful, or mark correct answers.

And More!

ServiceNow Communities also includes features for administrators including moderation where they can control content quality including banning words, moderating new users, banning users, and via abuse reporting.

ServiceNow Communities is included in Customer Service Management and will be available in the Jakarta release targeted for July 2017.  With Customer Service Management, companies can deliver effortless, connected, and proactive service to customers.  Communities enables effortless service combined with other capabilities including Customer Service Portal, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, omni-channel case management, as well as workflow and automation.


Holly Simmons
Holly Simmons is Senior Director, Product Marketing, Customer Service Management at ServiceNow.

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