Putting IT in the Driver’s Seat

Talking to you – my customers – is my number one priority. What I’ve learned is that you have enormous ITSM expertise, and want to use that expertise to make IT radically better. And, you don’t just want to innovate in IT – you see the huge value of service management and want to take it across the enterprise within your organizations.

However, you face headwinds – challenges that stop you from transforming your business. You want to get stuff done, but you’re telling me that you’re running into barriers:


  • You’re being pressured to do more with less.
  • You find it hard to prove the value of what you do.
  • Your apps and projects are out of control.
  • You’re dealing with increasing cloud chaos.

ServiceNow is working hard to put you back in the driver’s seat. At Knowledge17, we’ve talked about how we’re helping you to fight these headwinds – turning barriers into advantages for IT.




Doing more with less

This pressure is never going to go away, but technology can keep you ahead of the curve. We’ve seen that with self-service – delivering great customer experiences while reducing service desk workloads. However, there has to be more – innovative ways to make the service desk more efficient, streamlined  and automated.

At ServiceNow, we’re tackling three of your biggest challenges – limited capacity, long resolution times, and the perception that IT is a bottleneck. With ServiceNow, you can:

  • Use intelligent automation to categorize and route work requests, augmenting your capacity so that you spend time resolving incidents rather than figuring out where to send them.
  • Accelerate incident resolution with the ‘Workspace of the Future,’ giving your fulfillers the contextual information and recommendations they need to resolve incidents quickly and accurately.
  • Use virtual agents to respond instantly to issues, improving deflection and eliminating bottlenecks for end users.

Proving your value

In IT, we’re challenged to show where we are, where we’re going, and the value we’re delivering. We reduce incident resolution times by 15%, and then the questions start. Could we do 20% – or even 25%? Worse still, if we’re not meeting our goals, everyone wants to know when we will. And, once we hit our goals, how do we maintain our performance? The problem is that we can’t compare how we’re doing, predict the future, or influence the factors that affect our performance.

Until now. With ServiceNow, you can deliver value – and prove the value of what you deliver.

  • ServiceNow Benchmarks let you compare your performance to industry peers, so you can show exactly how you’re doing. And, in Jakarta ready in July 2017, we’ve doubled the number of benchmarks – giving you even deeper insights.
  • ServiceNow Performance Analytics intelligently forecasts your future performance. It will even tell you when you will hit your goals – or if you need to change your trajectory to get there.
  • With ServiceNow Spotlight, you can instantly highlight current issues that will drag down your performance – so you can take action before your KPIs and SLAs are affected.

Now, instead of being unable to prove your value, you’re indispensable to your organization.

Getting your applications under control

You’ve also told us that applications sprawl is a huge issue. Enterprises have hundreds or thousands of applications. There are redundant applications, applications that aren’t cost-effective – and there’s a ton of shelfware out there. Here’s the issue – you don’t have visibility to these applications, you can’t build a plan to rationalize them – and if there was, you don’t know how to align this plan with your business’s goals.

With ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management, you can take back control of your applications.

  • You get the visibility you need – a complete, accurate inventory of your applications, along with the information that shows how they’re being used and who is using them.
  • You can now create a plan by assessing what these applications really cost you using operational and financial data already in the ServiceNow platform – such as support costs.
  • And, heat maps let you align your plan with business goals – identifying apps that you need to invest in, as well as those that you need to eliminate or replace.

And, with the new software asset management capabilities in Jakarta, you can instantly reclaim software licenses – finding the money to execute your application plan.

The result? Complete application insight.

Dealing with cloud chaos

Finally, let’s talk about the cloud. We’ve reached a tipping point and everything is moving to the cloud. The cloud has huge benefits – but also creates enormous problems for IT. The first challenge is visibility – when anyone can create cloud resources, how do you know who owns them? The second is consistency – we’re using multiple clouds, and every cloud provider is different. That creates complexity. And, the third is compliance – how do you maintain consistency with policies, while still preserving the agility and speed of the cloud for your users

With ServiceNow Cloud Management, you can take control of the cloud:

  • With the new cloud management user portal in Jakarta, you have a cockpit that gives you instant visibility of cost, usage and health of your cloud resources.
  • You can offer cloud services – and even full application stacks – through the ServiceNow catalog. And, these services will run on multiple clouds, eliminating the complexity of multi-cloud environments.
  • And, you can attach policies to these services – for example, change management and security policies. That means that you’ve solved the compliance problem.

Our commitment to you

With ServiceNow, you can turn your headwinds into tailwinds today. However, there will always be new headwinds – new challenges that you need to overcome. ServiceNow will continue to listen and learn, and invest in solutions that put you in the driver’s seat. And, we’ll be with you wherever the journey takes us.

Farrell Hough

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