You Can Finally Give Employees the Onboarding Experience They Deserve

Last week at our annual Knowledge17 user conference, we announced the latest application in the HR Service Delivery product line, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions. Available in Jakarta, this new application enables organizations to finally give employees the onboarding experience they deserve.

For those of you in HR or who follow HR technology, you might be wondering, “why create yet another onboarding solution? Aren’t there already plenty in the market?”

Yes there are. But even with all those different solutions to choose from, new hire onboarding has all the characteristics of a work process that is broken. It’s inefficient for HR, causes headaches and backups in other departments like IT and Facilities, and provides a poor service experience for new hires. And it’s not just onboarding. Many employee life cycle events that start in HR but require interaction from multiple departments across the enterprise, like off boarding, relocations, leave of absence, are all ripe with inefficiencies, costing time and money, and frustrating employees.

With this new application, HR can now easily set up and manage onboarding and other employee lifecycle events across multiple departments on a single service delivery platform. The efficiency of HR and other departments is drastically improved, and fast, consumer-like service makes it easier for employees to be employees.

Let’s take a look at what makes this new application unique to anything in the market today.

Provide a Consumerized Service Experience

Because it’s built on a service management foundation of case and knowledge management, we can provide a consumerized employee service experience.

The Employee Service Center gives new hires and employees a single destination for all their onboarding and other HR service needs.

New hires and hiring managers are guided step-by-step through the process providing complete visibility and ensuring nothing gets missed.

If employees have a question or need help at any point in the process, they can easily contact someone from within the application.

Drive Action Across All Departments

This new application lets you extend onboarding and other multi-departmental processes that start in HR, but require action from other departments. If you are already using HCM and Recruiting based onboarding solutions within HR, our solution can seamlessly integrate with them and extend the process out to IT, Facilities, Legal, and other departments.

The application can be configured to allow either the hiring manager or the new hire to select the appropriate IT equipment, such as a phone and laptop. The selections then kick-off a workflow within the IT department for fulfillment.

Hiring managers or new hires can even select an office space or cubicle based on interactive floor maps. Just like in the case with IT, the selections then kick-off a workflow within the Facilities department.

Automate Processes in Minutes

Unlike other workflow tools in the market, our new solution lets you create, maintain, and modify cross-department experiences and processes, literally in minutes.

HR now has the ability to create new activity sets such as Pre-Hire, Pre-Boarding, Day1, and so on, and then assign individual activities around each activity set, such as background checks, office setup, IT equipement, and payroll setup.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions will be available in our upcoming Jakarta realease targeted for July 2017. To learn more, please contact your ServiceNow sales representative.



Mike Vilimek
Mike Vilimek is the Director, Product Marketing for the HR Product Line at ServiceNow. Mike is responsible for global positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies for the ServiceNow HR Service Management product. Mike believes in making the workplace a more modern and productive place through the use of the latest cloud technologies. Prior to joining ServiceNow, he was the Director, Global Go-to-Market for Oracle HCM Cloud.

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